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Now even small- to medium-sized companies can afford professional IT consulting. In decades of research across multiple disciplines, GHC has developed a uniform, systematic approach to common business problems. GHC provides a proven method of analysis that leads to faster, better solutions and enables more competitive pricing—far below the cost of "custom" services.

META PLANNING™ for IT Project Success
Leading-edge, fact-based IT methodology guides you through a proven process to identify, analyze, and mitigate the causes of IT failures before they occur.

As medical research  continues to  advance, medical technology is becoming increasingly expensive and increasingly complex. Each new therapeutic and diagnostic technology—such as MRI, CAT, and wet laboratory techniques— claims value to  patients while drawing on the institution's resources. Adding to this complexity is the need to integrate these technologies (old and new) with the information systems that serve the organization's administrative functions:

  • What should be the criteria for adoption of a new medical technology?
  • How are costs and benefits evaluated?
  • Who makes the decisions to adopt or reject?
  • How should the information and telecommunications systems of the enterprise support therapeutic and diagnostic technologies?
  • How can you create a useful and practical electronic patient record, at reasonable cost and in a reasonable time frame?
Drawing on experience in hospital administration, as educators of medical technology management, and serving on the board of advisors of the Center for the Management of Medical Technology at IIT, GHC offers highly effective consulting services. We'll help you frame these important questions to facilitate analysis, explore solutions, and help you implement the most productive decisions.

Many of the problems afflicting CIOs and their information technology departments can be traced to faulty governance of IT activity. Who can authorize IT projects? More importantly, who can authorize changes in IT projects? How are projects evaluated? What controls should be applied to project execution? A comprehensive governance program can result in a more effective IT program and prevent many problems.

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As IT expenses continue to escalate, they're becoming increasingly difficult to justify. ITSA provides a comprehensive profile of your IT activities in relation to your goals. Establish priorities and implement strategies to safely phase out extraneous activities and funnel efforts into profitable projects. This service is offered on fixed price and timing, determined after a one-hour, no-obligation consultation.

Our long history of project and consulting successes informs our executive education programs as we help administrators, educators, students, and staff learn and apply solutions by example. Depending on your organization's needs—and speaking to virtually any audience—GHC can devise an educational program, interactive workshop, or school curriculum that highlights the importance of effective IT management. For one-on-one instruction, groups, retreats, and corporate events, GHC can help motivate IT competence, confidence, and morale.